Ungalli Clothing

It is always a pleasure to introduce you brands who serves Mother Earth and her children, like Ungalli does.

But how can a clothing brand do that? I’ll tell you!

‘I just want to save the bees, plant trees and protect our seas.’ – brought my Ungalli tee to Portugalia with me

Ungalli clothing’s fabrics are made out of recycled plastic bottles as well as organic cotton.  The recycled polyester they use helps reduce plastic pollution, water, petroleum and carbon-dioxide use. Here are the exact stats from their website:

‘*One Ungalli recycled t-shirt saves approximately 10 plastic bottles from landfill.
*It takes 2720 litres of water to make a traditional t-shirt (the amount most of us drink over the course
of three years). Every Ungalli tee saves a whopping 2695 litres of water by only using 25 litres in production.
*By using a small production radius, each shirt saves approximately 2 litres of petroleum and reduces carbon dioxide output by 12 kilograms.’

rocking my Ungalli hoodie at YUL airport

And that is not all ladies and gents! Their clothes are also made ethically, as they are designed and manufactured in Canada. #nosweatshopsFyeaaaah

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
‘Never forget where your voyage started’ hoodie keeps me warm wherever I am (ordered a bigger one so I can hide in it, like it’s a boyfriend hoodie)

I am a person of stats, I truly love doing researches and read studies on everything and on their website, when I chose a piece of clothing it tells me the impact of it on the world. For example, my jogger, you can see me wearing it a lot on my travel pictures like the one below, saves 115 days of drinking water, 19 hours of bulb energy, 27 plastic bottles from ending up on a landfill or in the ocean. And every piece you click on will tell you. Being ethical and sustainable never been this exciting before, right?

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Ungalli from bottom to top at Budapest Airport (i always dress super warm for the plane because they tend to freeze me with blasting the AC)

Last but not least, I would like to give a big shout-out to the female founders of Ungalli, to be powerful creators of change, to be in service of nature, inspire others and the lead the ways for other women to dream big. Thank you! A big heartfelt thank you!

Now who’s ready for an eco revolution? HANDS IN THE AIR! 



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Somerset Moss review

I’ve been using Somerset Moss products for over a month now and I have to tell you me and my skin are lovin’ it!

If you’ve been following my instagram stories I shared many times that I have dry skin that became worse since last year. What has changed and made my skin dry? God knows, many things, I assume…

For my body, I already had one gifted from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop when she saw one of my post showing my hands covered in red dry and itchy patches during winter time, but I had nothing for my face. I mean I have many things to put on my face, all the oils and creams, but they weren’t particularly made for this problem.

2018-06-19 08.31.27 2.jpg

Than Sam contacted me from Somerset Moss to offer me her products. I don’t know if you saw the video when I unpacked them, but I went crazy about the smell. If you are into essential oils you would go nuts too. Sam creates therapeutic blends and for me they really hit the spot, especially the facial balm.  It reminded me the scent of my dad’s garden where he used to live when I was a kid. What a beautiful memory!

Before I get oversensitive, back to the products.

I received a balm, a facial mist and oil.

Here is the way I use them (always on cleaned skin):

Morning: I use the mist on my face and neck and than I massage in a few drops of the facial oil. Than I wait a few minutes and apply my makeup. When I know I’m going to have a long ass day, I use the mist (max 2 spraying) to fix my makeup.

Night: I use the mist and than apply the balm. You don’t need to use a lot since it’s very potent! I use about a pea size or not even.

After doing this ritual for a month now, I can surely say it helped diminishing my dry patches on my face and my skin looks more radiant than it has been for quite a while now. And also really important to say, when I start my day soaked up in beautiful essential oils it really affects my mood and the outcome of my day. I am not entirely sure which oil is good for what, but this blending really calms me, grounds and gives me a sense of being really ‘clean’ if you know what I mean.

Thank you Sam for introducing me your brand! I would love to continue using these amazing products!



Photos of my wedding photoshoot with Marie-Jade

Hi my Beloved Reader!

I’m writing this article from Barcelona, from a little organic cafe. I just arrived this morning and I have to tell you, this city feels like home. I walk around like I would live here since I was born, I don’t need a map or guide I just intuitively find everything. The moment I saw the city from the plane I burst out in tears because something deep down shifted (as it happens everytime I come back here). What an experience! Or maybe I’m just too sensitive from jetleg…

Anyways, I decided to share with you more pictures on the wedding photoshoot I did with Marie-Jade and Um Salon in the Botanical Garden before I would spam you with it on the ‘gram.

Here are my favourite pictures:

Photographer: Marie-Jade Morneau

Bride: Csilla Panka Kiss

Dress: UM Studio

MUA: Mademoiselle Panka Organic Makeup Artist

Flowers: Hellébore Créations Florales

Jewellery: Sheena Jewellery

Oh, and about Barcelona… I will share my first Youtube video about it 😉

Have a beautiful day!



Elate Cosmetics Review

Elate Cosmetics was one of the first clean brands I started to use. Even before trying their products I already fall in love. As some sort of an extreme person myself, I appreciate when someone pushes the boundaries, well Elate crew does indeed!

photo: Marie-Jade Morneau

We are talking about a non-toxic, vegan + cruelty-free and sustainable brand. Which means, their products:

-does not contains any harmful ingredients nor for your body or the environment

-are not tested on animals and they doesn’t use animal ingredients either

-comes in recyclable/biodegradable package.

They use bamboo as a case for their makeup, and their package comes without using any additional package (no plastic waste, yay!). The pressed powders come in seed package which means, you can plant them in your garden and watch wildflowers or herbs sprout of them. No joke!

These honest brands are the one I found to deserve my money and support!

And than I placed my first order, than another one and than another one. And I just can’t get enough!

photo: Marie-Jade Morneau

And for the people doubting that natural makeup is not the same quality as mainstream ones… LOOK AT THE PICTURES! Yes, they bring the same quality and I use them for many photoshoots and I even used them on movie sets!

I can’t even describe the makeup I have from Elate one-by-one, since I could only write and repeat ‘I love it, it’s perfect’. So let my pictures be those words.

These are my earlier photos where I used Elate products and you might saw them on my Instagram:

More about Elate:



More about my photographer, Marie-Jade:



Have you tried Elate Cosmetics before?



Outfit and Makeup of the week #9 Last cold day

Long time I haven’t shared a thing, but you know… life. I don’t even look for excuses anymore. 

Yvette Cakpo Photography

On the last cold day I had a photoshoot with a friend, Yvette. We took some fun pictures at  Boutique Peridot. We were supposed to go elsewhere, but the cafe was closed and the staff of Peridot was kind enough to let us use their store and their deco.

I was anything but motivated to create an awesome outfit, since I was ready for a better weather. I felt like I have used all my clothes too much and I don’t like anything anymore. It happens if you have freezing colt weather 8 months a year. God, sounds awful… So, by the end I put on a biker leggings and boots, my Black Sabbath tee and my husband’s cool vintage vest. All from the thrift store.

Yvette Cakpo Photography

Nu Evolution gifted me some amazing makeup that I love using, so I created a look with it. I already wrote a review on them, you can read it here. 

Yvette Cakpo Pohotography

The Nu Evolution products I used:

Eyeshadow: tease and onyx

Complete covarage foundation: 101 and 100 in 50:50 ratio

Lipstick: Coquette

Bronzer in Portofino (also used it for my eyebrows too)

You can purchase Nu Evolution makeup from the same webshop as I do, from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop.

Now, that the weather is much much better, I will be sharing more outfits created with sustainable clothes, organic-vegan cosmetics and in general more of my ‘green’ way of living.



Outfit and Makeup of the week #8

I’m a little bit behind with my weekly share of outfit and makeup look, but here is a new one!

So, I had a Britney meltdown 2007 and I needed some time to recreate my life. Because you know, if you don’t like what you created, than it’s time to create a new one! I told at my job I quit, I bought 3 plane tickets and will be traveling soon and I decided to pull through my hormone therapy to help heal my endometriosis. If you have ever received hormone therapy, you know how a freaking shitshow it is… All my respect to those who have done it!!!!

Enough excuses now. Let me show you what I have rocked on the warmest sunniest day of the week!


  • Shoes: Desigual
  • Bag: Armani Exchange
  • Dress: Hollister
  • Sunnies: Moschino

None of these are ethical or sustainable brands, but I obviously won’t throw out all my clothes I bought before I realized how cruel is the fashion industry. I belive buying less is also crucial part of being sustainable, so I always liked purchasing one really good quality piece instead of buying 10 fast fashion ones.

All Organic + Cruelty-Free Makeup from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop



Nu Evolution look and review

There are brands that I have 1-2 products from that I love, but I don’t feel drawn to their other stuff, eventho they must be amazing too. On the other hand, there are those brands that I basically collect. Every. Single. Products. This review is one about one of those brands!

Nu Evolution lipgloss was the first lipbalm in my life that I finished. There was nothing in the bottle. Gone. Empty. Nada. After that, I got hooked up on their other products too and today I am using their liquid foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipgloss and lipsticks. Nice kit, huh? And it’s not even all of it!

This photo was taken a while ago before I used these products a lot and only shows their liquid foundation test kit.

Oh, about the foundation! Full coverage, not heavy, feels like a soft cloud on your face I would say, lasts and doesn’t clog my pores and I have never experienced blemishes even after using it for many days in a row. Just a sidenote if you have fair skin with lightly orangy undertone: My color is between 100 and 101 so I have to mix it in 50-50 ratio.

I use their bronzer on my eyebrows too and it comes with a mirror which makes in handy and it lasts the whole day!

My eyes tend to ‘eat’ most of the eyeshadows, since the upper part of my eyelids are pulled down by gravity a bit or natural process of ageing. I like using the first expressions, just blame it all on gravity! Yet, my eyeshadows still lasts for a fair amount of time considering the fact that I only use these colors if I go out and do my crazy dance until the morning. Pretty good pigmentation as you can see on the picture below.

And their lip gloss tastes so gooooood! I lick it off in 5 mins and reapply and repeat. It’s not runny, so as their lipsticks. There is nothing I hate more when I look like night-predator after a hunt in my red lipstick, but no such a thing with these ones!

So here is the look I created lately with my kit:

I used:

-Eyeshadow: tease and onyx

-Complete covarage foundation: 101 and 100 in 50:50 ratio

-Lipstick: Coquette

-Bronzer in Portofino (also used it for my eyebrows too)

These products are available on The Green Jungle Beauty Shop.

And when you think it can’t get any better! They are a non-toxic makeup brand. All these nasties are banned from their products and they use natural and organic ingredients. Bammmmmm.

Also big big thank you for my amazing photographer, Yvette, for capturing this moment. You can find her on facebook here or on instagram here.

Have you tried Nu Evolution before? Are you also a big fan gurl like me?


Panka x

7 Tips to No Waste Grocery Shopping

Transitioning more and more into waste free living is actually a lot of fun!

Seeing some friends trying hard, struggling and eventually failing motivated me to write this post for you. My tips are easy, stress free and you saying ‘zero-waste life is expensive’ is not a good excuse anymore!

#1 do not overstress it!

Don’t be guilty if you can’t find alternatives for your favorite products yet. It will come in time!

#2 discover your neighborhood

Sometimes the cheapest stores doesn’t have a website, nor some small farmer’s market.

#3 buy in bulk

Bulk stores are a great option for 2 reasons. One, you can bring your own reusable bag, two, they are usually way cheaper since you don’t pay for the ‘brand’ and/or the packaging.

#4 plan ahead

Plan your meal for the week. It gives you time to think about how to avoid food packaging and also you save sooo much money!

#5 prepare for the lifestyle change

Buy cute looking shopping tote bags, cool metal bento boxes, reusable cloth bags with fun pattern and anyways, you know everything looks great in mason jars.

#6 keep yourself motivated

Follow instagrams in this topic, save pins on pinterest, challange your friends to join you, find facebook groups…

#7 shop once a week

It helps you be prepared so you won’t forget cloth nags and jars at home, also it keeps you from impulse shopping and you save on has too!


Let me know what is your best trick for zero waste shopping!



What does ‘Green Living’ mean for me?

It is so hard to put my thoughts in words about this topic, because it can mean so many different things to so many different people and that’s cool. It should be cool by you too, so please be cool when you are reading this.

I wanted to write about this more detailed than usually, so I can try to show you how I feel and share my passion with you. Earth Day and Fashion Revolution week is coming which are great reminders to take action on saving our planet and I hope this little post will get you in the vibes!

photo: pinterest

Green living as a lifestyle in one sentence for me: it is offering to change the quality of your life and encourage other’s to do so, which has a positive impact on Earth and every living creatures of it.

My story: I wrote down my story about how I completely changed my life the past few years. But a short version is, that I moved to Canada where I couldn’t work for quite a long time because of the immigration process, so I got stuck home alone and I had time to observe my body and my life more, to really connect with myself that I couldn’t before. As a makeup artist, working with many harmful chemicals a day I developed some sort of asthma and eczema, until the point where everything started to make sense, that all the products I worked with, I cleaned my home, my body and so on, were toxic for me and for my environment.

It absolutely freaked me out first, because things I considered ‘normal’ turned out to be bad for me. My whole world was upside down. I threw out EVERYTHING from my house that contains toxic ingredients. Yes, my makeup kit too… You have no idea how much something like that costs, except if you are a fellow MUA. Than I stopped being interested in makeup and everything I was my whole life.

I tried to make everything at home from scratch, eliminate plastic from our life, eat organic only, buy nothing and I really became extreme… but than I’ve found an organic mascara on our trip with my hubby to Toronto and something inside of me shifted. I discovered I can still be a makeup artist without hurting animals and put toxic products on myself and my clients. I created a green beauty instagram under ‘Green Beauty by Panka’ and restarted my career as an Organic Makeup Artist. Everything was going awesome but something still felt ‘off’… I realized that, I really miss a lot of things that helped me fully express myself from the times when I was a ‘brainless consumer’. I was trying to find an alternative for everything in my life to replace it. I stopped not buying anything I desired! Rather, I changed the quality of it!

That was a turning point where I had to face with the ugly truth of fashion industry too, but this time I didn’t freak out. I did my research, googled everything I was curious about, even the most heartbreaking things and I’ve found that it is not so hard to take a few eco-conscious decisions that makes a big impact on Mother Earth on a long run without missing out on anything I truly adore.

photo: pinterest

Green Living as a lifestyle for me means:

♡I am trying to create the least waste as possible, avoiding food packages and everything you only use once.

♡I buy my food organically, but most importantly trying to find locally grown ones.

♡I think twice: ‘Do I really need this? – hesitation also means ‘no’.

♡During summer, we try to grow some of our vegetables with my husband. It is so much fun and go google the mental and physical benefits of gardening!

♡I cook at home and I don’t buy any ‘ready-to-eat’ packaged foods. The only things are ‘ready-to-eat’ in my fridge are the fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I do buy pasta that comes in a package or nutrition yeast and so on, but I am trying to keep these items on minimal.

♡Trying to avoid the use of plastic in any conditions.

♡Buying dried ingredients in bulk. Bringing my own compostable bags.

♡I choose local and small businesses! I like when I know my money pays for someone’s lunch instead of the 5th luxury house in The Hamptons.

♡I work with organic, cruelty-free, eco-packaged cosmetic products and I encourage other’s to do so.

♡I research. Everything. And I make my decisions according to what I find. If it doesn’t align with my truth, I do NO money exchange for it. Because money is like voting for something you believe in.

♡I am not vegan, but if I buy some meat occasionally or eggs I buy the ones that were raised on a farm in good conditions, fed according to their optimal diet with organic foods and were not in a cage. I research the farm too.

♡I recycle and compost. If something comes in a package it shall be recyclable at least.

♡I wash my clothes in cold water and never run the tap for no reason.

♡I invest in high-quality clothes and accessories instead of ‘fast fashion’ ones, or I go to the thrift shop. If I can’t use my clothes anymore I sell them on Depop or I bring them to a recycling center or I donate them.

♡I make my own everything that I can, from household cleaning products through sauerkraut to body oil.

photo: pinterest

There are so many other things to do, but right now, this is how I feel the best with doing all these. Maybe my list will go so much longer soon, but changing your lifestyle is not an overnight thing. It is a reminder for myself as for you too: do not rush yourself! Allow yourself to celebrate every small step you are making towards living more sustainably, because you are doing something wonderful for Mama Earth, to yourself and to every living creature!


Panka ♡

PS. I don’t want to go so deep in this, but I see so much tension on social media about who is living ‘greener’ or who is more ‘ethical’… This is not a competition. Please save this drama for yourself and accept that not everyone is the same as you. Please be happy for your own success and do everything you do out of love! Reflect love! Be love! You are loved!