Weekend in Quebec city – Winter travel guide

We like to gift memories rather than material stuff with my husband and this one was a gift from me for our wedding anniversary.

I live in Quebec for 3 years now but never visited the capital, Quebec city before and I thought it was time to do so.

We went after New Year so a lot of places were closed, yet not the ones I planned to visit.

We stayed in Hotel Chateau Laurier a family-owned sustainable hotel.

First night we went to have dinner in Noctem, a collective artisan brewery. Noctem’s meat products are from a small Quebec farm and the animals were raised freely, without hormones or antibiotics and they support other local suppliers too. We got seated next to the brewing room and it was really exciting to see where their beer is made, see the giant barrels and we totally geeked out about their laboratory equipment!


We ordered Pizza pocket, Picnic burger and their warm salad. Unfortunately, the salad was lack of dressing I found, but everything else was delicious.

By the second day, the weather got a bit warmer (-8°C) and we could go and discover a bit more of Quebec city.

I woke up super early because our room was close to the elevator and everyone walked in front of it, but receptionist was really kind and gave us a quieter room on another floor for the second day. Than we went to the spa and had some swim before we headed out to discover Old Quebec.

We had to find the best poutine, the national food of Quebec, to have the full experience. I did some research on the internet and a lot of people suggested the Chic Shack so we went there. I arrived with high expectation, but unfortunately the poutine wasn’t even close to the best I had, but indeed it was delicious. We also had some soup on the side to warm us up and it really hit the spot.

I heard about two beautiful libraries that are a must visit for bookworms, the Morrin Center and the Maison de la Littérature. Morrin Center was closed by the time we get there, but Maison de la Littérature was luckily still open. It used to be a church and now it is a beatiful library as you can see on the pictures below.

For dinner we went to eat at Kraken Kru a small, cozy, fish restaurant. I love tiny places like this. You can sit at the tiny bar or they have one small table by the window. By sitting at the bar, you can see the whole kitchen too. They have 1 old stove and it is really small, as I mentioned, but it only adds to the experience. You have the sensation of eating at someone’s home, yet you get the quality of a really good bistro.

After our amazing meal me went to have a beer just across the street at Brasserie Griendel. They have a large selection of great beer and nice bar food.

On our final day, the weather got nicer (-5°C) and we could finally walk around in Old Quebec and discover its small Harry Potter alike streets and magical little shops.

If you like a good hot chocolate, no, wait, if you LOVE an excellent hot chocolate and a good meal, I recommend you visiting Cochon Dingue. Even for their french cliché interior design it’s worth a visit or at least to peak in.

Before heading back to Montreal, we stopped at the Museum of Civilisation to check out their new exhibition called ‘London Calling’.

Old Quebec indeed feels European and it was great to have a weekend there and through its architecture I got a little sense of ‘home’.

I can’t wait for the next adventure. I am ready.


My first makeup tutorial – Smokey Holiday Look

After a long time of procrastination I finally did my first makeup tutorial. It helped me a lot that Green Philosophy sent me a bunch of amazing natural, organic, cruelty-free makeup products that inspire me to finally get started.

All makeup from: https://greenphilosophy.ca/


For 20% off of your entire purchase with my CODE: Greenpanka20
(just until 2019 January 31.)


Products I used:
-Elate Blush: https://bit.ly/2zVeBp4
-Pure Anada eye pencil: https://bit.ly/2EqvnjT
-Pure Anada mascara: https://bit.ly/2RXWzcY
-Modern Minerals eyeshadow: https://bit.ly/2UCCY3H
-Nudus lipstick: https://bit.ly/2zTfbUw




Here is the final look I created for you guys:



I hope you guys liked my first ever makeup tutorial.

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or if you have any tutorial requests.

More is about to come!



BC – Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish Eco Travel Guide

Hi guys!

This is the second time I’m writing an eco blog post for you along with the video I did for my Youtube channel. You can watch it right below.

To visit BC was my childhood dream. I clearly remember sitting far far away from Canada in my school, in the basement where they held the geography classes and I was mesmerised by The Rockies, The pacific Ranges and all those beautiful mountains on the west coast. Originally, I’m from the Great Hungarian Plain so you can imagine how much those mountains blew my mind. I just couldn’t understand how they are even real. I remember circling all the places in North America with beautiful mountains where I wanted to go. Visiting Vancouver and it’s northern area was circled too with a small heart drew next to it.

We took an early morning flight and when we were flying through The Rockies, I started to cry. I remembered that little girl, all her feelings, dreams… In that moment, I achieved a life goal and I was utterly grateful.


When we arrived we ran to have a ramen to charge us up after a long flight. We headed to Benkei ramen. I read amazing things about them and it was even better than expected. It was amazing! I highly recommend to try the black vegan ramen if you’re going there. We were talking about returning there everyday afterwards, but there were so many places to discover.




We spent our next days is Vancouver with walking around 20kms every day. We walked across the city in every direction. Visited Stanley Park, Granville Island and all the ‘must go’-es. And as it has to be on a travel, we went to eat out. A lot!






So far, my favourite place was Acorn. I spotted this restaurant months earlier before we went on this trip. It’s a vegetarian/vegan farm-to-table restaurant. The dishes we tried looked stunning, the plating was beautiful, the food was incredibly delicious and we received a warm welcome. It is one of the those places where you are genuinely satisfied with everything from the moment you enter the door. Acorn is a perfect restaurant from A to Z. I can’t wait to return!







If you like donuts like me, I know the best place to go in Van! Cartems Donuts uses mostly local ingredients and makes crazy donuts you have never even thought of before. I had a Whiskey Bacon one, shared a London Fog with Mike. They also have vegan and gluten-friendly options too.


2018-09-19 06.21.16 3.jpg



On our last night of Vancouver we went to L’Abattoir a French inspired really elegant restaurant. We ate the whole menu (not literally), as usual. The service and food was impeccable. Their wine selection is outstanding. Send my bests to the sommelier! I would love to come back another time too.







After spending 3 days in Van we rented a car and headed to Whistler to hike. It started to rain the moment we wanted to put our hiking boots on the trail. Luckily, I booked a room in an eco hotel with spa, so when the weather was too cold and crazy we could chill there. I always book through Booking.com as I find this website with the best deals and the easiest to use. Even my mom used to book with it everytime we went on a holiday vacation. If you want 25CAD from your booking, click this link.

2018-09-21 03.17.00 1.jpg

The hotel we stayed in called Aava Hotel. They have high efficiency temperature controls, lighting, low-flow toilets, botanical soaps and 4 E-charging points in their garage, they are also dog friendly and offer complementary GoPro rental. How cool, right? We really had a great time there.



It was keep raining, but we went on really beautiful hikes anyways as you can see it in my vlog above.

My favourite place to eat in Whistler was Bar Oso. It’s a Spanish influenced restaurant and bar with a really nice cocktail and wine list. I just came back from Spain, not so long ago, and I already miss it a lot, so we went to Oso and received a real authentic experience from the Chef. Every bite was a great memory of my favourite country to visit. If you go there, please don’t miss out on the tapas plate. No words!






Before we went to our last stop also for a few days, we visited North Arm Farm in Pemberton. If you have ever seen magic in your life… this place was it. They grow organic fruits and vegetables here and you can buy them at their market stand. Also many restaurant from the area buy their products, they hosts many events and you can rent the place for your wedding.






On the way to our last stop Squamish, we stopped by Southside Diner, the coolest diner ever! And I mean it. They have ridiculous house-rules, amazing service and delicious north american classic foods and whilst stuffing your face with their burger you can sip on their organic coffee.






It was keep raining, but when the next day we wanted to go to the farmer’s market it stopped. The only time it stopped raining in 5 days. It was a sign for sure. This day I finally got to try Hip Pocket Pie‘s amazing vegan treats. I’ve been following them for a while now on Instagram, because I love following inspiring businesses who stands for the environment. They pie crust is something to die for!!! Even my chef husband was all over the place! Did I mention they are fully vegan and only use organic ingredients? Can it get any better? Yes, they are super kind people!






We’ve spent our last days, or continued, with eating and hiking.

On our last day, before taking our flight we drove back to Whistler, because it finally stopped raining and went up with the Peak-to-Peak gondola. It was pretty cloudy but it was still worth it.

2018-09-24 01.34.14 1.jpg


Than back in Vancity again. I wanted to try Heritage Asian Eatery, also an Instagram found, so we ran there before rushing to the airport to catch our midnight flight. They are also one of those awesome places who uses locally-sourced ingredients. They were about to close but still let us in and we ate SO well. We both had rice bowls, but the portions are so big (even for us, and we really always eat everything) that we had to take some of it with us on the plane.


2018-09-24 12.55.08 1.jpg

We had a night-flight back to Montreal. I was terribly sad to leave BC. I felt like I’ve found something here that I was always looking for. Maybe it was the nature, the kind people, the amazing experiences… I can not wait to return! BC you are my favourite province in Canada!



PS. I only featured the restaurants and places I would highly recommend to visit. We seriously ate out way too much so I had to be strict on sharing only the bestest ones. I also really wanted to include all the amazing Zero Waste stores they have in Vancouver  but since we didn’t have time to visit them by then end, I will share them with you next time 🙂

Crude – Oil Cleansing kit review

I find it crucially important to have rituals in our life. As I have shared many times before strict rules and time schedules never worked for me, yet I still manage to have rituals in my life. One of these are my Crude oil-cleansing ritual I incorporated in my skincare routine for about 3 months now.

(Yes, I test skincare products for pretty long since our skin goes through changes and I want to make sure I write you a legit review!)



Here is how I use it:

  • I use a few drops of Cleanse oil and massage it in my skin.
  • To remove oil, I run my Pull towel under warm water than gently wipe my face with it.
  • Afterwards, I use the Detox mask which smells like matcha tea heaven! I only use the mask once a week whilst I happily snack on some chocolate and watch Living Big In A Tiny House.
  • The final touch is, I reapply Cleanse to hydrate.

My opinion:

As I’ve said, I’ve been using this clean beauty treatment for a while now and I haven’t experienced crazy breakouts eversince! Which means not only it is a really effective way to cleanse your face it helps prevent breakouts.
I’m not saying I don’t have any… Guys, when my PCOS decides to rule my world I look like a 14 years old, but eversince I regulary use Crude’s Oil Cleansing Starting Kit it has never gotten out of hand. Few pimples here and there, really nothing extreme!

Also, I find these products are really gentle. After using the mask, you don’t have that super dry, sort of like hospital sterilised skin feeling, rather you have a smooth and soft skin. I am in general a big fan of oils on my skin, somehow I don’t like creams. I believe in oil cleansing, since it works for me well, also the oil functions as my favourite makeup remover too. With the help of the Pull towels I don’t use cotton pads anymore to clean my face or remove makeup, which is a really important step forward in my waste reducing journey.


What’s in the oil cleansing kit?

You have the oil ‘Cleanse’, 3 towels and the ‘Detox’ mask that I highly recommend to my green tea+matcha lover friends 😉

If you enjoyed this review or you are excited to try this kit, leave me a comment below. I love seeing your feedbacks!




Fun photoshoot with Yvette Cakpo and Station Service

Hi beautiful!

A few weeks ago I had a creative photoshoot with Yvette Cakpo where Station Service provided us some amazing locally and ethically made clothes. When I went to see them in their store on 72 rue Rachel East, I really didn’t know which clothes I should try and what would reflect my style and personality the best, but they were more than happy to help me out with their amazing stylist team. And as you can see the results below, they did a really great job. I love mixing European classy style with something extra and they totally nailed it. I also learnt, that you can rent clothes from them. So if you have an important event coming up, like a Christmas or New Year’s party and you don’t want to buy a 300$ (or up) dress you’re gonna wear only once, this is the perfect solution!



We did the photos in Old Port, Montreal, as it is the prettiest part of town and took some inside pictures in Cafe Tommy.



I love taking pictures with Yvette. It was our second time working together, and we have so much fun together. It feels so natural and I don’t feel shy at all. Yvette makes me feel super comfortable, relaxed and helps me how to pose. Since, I am not an official model, I tend to get stressed when someone is taking pictures of me and looking a little lost too, since I don’t really know how to ‘pose’, but Yvette is supportive and helpful so we can achieve the best looks possible.



Yvette’s professional website: https://www.posesimpose.com/

Station Service: https://stationservice.co/

For the photoshoot I did my makeup and hair only used organic, eco, cruelty-free products, as always. 


I hope you liked this collaboration. I can’t wait to share my next one that is coming sooon!









My ‘clean beauty’ pedicure routine using Legendary Apothecary – Smooth feet (+discount code!)

Hi Guys!

I know it’s not sandal time anymore and you might stop caring about your feet. If no one can see, who cares, right?! WRONG!

Foot care is not just about the look. Yes, it is great to have a good old pedi and flashy summer colour toe nails (I love cherry red), but just remember how many things we can thank to our feet. First and foremost, they bring you wherever you have to go every single day. Be grateful for their work and give them a little bit more love. The health of your feet can affect your health overall. One forth of all of your bones can be find in your feet. 60 joints. 200 muscles. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It is essential to start to take better care of your feet. Wear the right shoes. Wear organic cotton or bamboo socks. Always wash it and dry it thoroughly. Take care of your nails. Never ever neglect a toenail injury or an infection! Always use clean tools when you do pedicure. If you desire to apply nail polish, go with ‘8-free’ ones or more. Add feet massage to your night time routine.

(If you have diabetes it is especially important to take real good care of your feet and get them checked 1-2 times a year!)

I don’t know if you guys remember, I was looking for amazing feet care products at the beginning of summer and I asked for your recommendations. Well, I have find The One finally that I’ve been using eversince. Thank you for all your responses and sharing your favourite product with me!

I chose Legendary Apothecary not only because of their organic, cruelty-free ingredients, because of the way they see the world. I’m quoting them: ‘We wanted to build a brand that treated everyone and everything it touched, with KINDness.’ Can everyone be like this please?

Smooth Feet comes from their family recipe that is a century-old and it works like magic!

I have a 15% off code for you that you can use until December 31. All you have to do go to their website and at the checkout just type: Panka15

Did I mention that my oil came in a package that contains no unnecessary plastic wrapping? So cool!

Here is my natural home pedicure routine:

I usually have a self-care day once a week, not always the same day, but it usually takes place Sunday or Monday.

I soak my feet to soften the skin and the toenails. I like soaking them in epsom salt. Magnesium absorbs easier through your skin than taking it internally. So I give them a good 15 mins soak, sometimes I add lavender essential oil for it’s calming and antioxidant benefits.

I wash them with soap than brush them paying particular attention to the nails and under them.

I file my feet to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin.

I cut my toenails with clean tools. I clean my nail clipper with rubbing alcohol before using it. And I trim my hangnails if needed with a good pair of scissor.

I use Legendary Apothecary – Smooth feet oil to soften my cuticles, I gently push them back with a spoon pusher and remove them if needed using the other side of my tool.

I give a loving massage to my feet with Legendary Apothecary – Smooth feet oil. I use some pressure points to relax even more, that I learnt from my reflexologist. By this time my eyes are slowly closing and ready to have a great night sleep while my feet absorbs this beautiful oil.

Don’t forget to use your 15% off exclusive code at the checkout: Panka15

Tag me if you’re sharing your experience on instagram or send me a DM how you like it! I always love seeing you using green beauty products!



5+1 easy ways to create less waste

The amount of information on becoming more sustainable can be really overwhelming and discouraging too. Just like in everything, in this too, society is trying to pressure you that it is not enough what you’re doing.

Let me tell you something before we dive into anything! Never let anyone tell negative things about your evolution and growth. There is no ‘good way’ of changing your life and habits. Follow your own pace and be your own guide. This list that I’m writing you meant to be fun, easy, but helpful along your journey. So let’s create a better tomorrow together with ease and joy!

1)Think Twice!

I can’t even count it on my two hands how many times I bought something that I absolutely don’t need and never used it afterwards. Where did these items end up? Hopefully at the recycling centre, but some of them unfortunately on the landfill…

2)Bring your own bag!

I always have a tiny foldable backpack in my bag, that costed me 2.49$. But you can purchase some other fun ones, like bags you can fold back into a shape of a strawberry. These bags doesn’t really take space from your bag, so you can easily keep them on you. Mine looks like this:

photo source: Decathlon


Make sure you read your town’s recycling policy and act accordingly. If you can’t find any information about the correct way to recycle in your neighbourhood just call the town’s office. It takes maximum 5 minutes from your life to make sure what you throw in your bin will be correctly recycled.

Click to read Montreal’s household recycling tips.

4)Eat locally grown food!

It reduces climate change impact, you create more jobs in your area, the quality of the food is better because they don’t have to harvest when it’s still completely unripe and you support the local economy too!

photo source: Pinterest

5)Change your clothing shopping habits!

Clothing industry is the second most pollutant after oil… No words! But since we still need clothes and we can’t avoid buying them here are a few alternative options to make your shopping less wasteful:

-buy clothes secondhand. I love thrift stores and usually spend 2 hours there. Not only it’s inexpensive, but you give a fabric a second life.

-support ethical and sustainable fashion brands

-become a minimalist

-invest in quality items. It may seem like it costs you 2-3 times more than commercial fashion items but they last for ages!

-Swap with your friends! My favourite clothes are the ones I got from the friends. Everytime I wear them I think about them and it fills my heart with love. I love and appreciate these pieces the most!

-Repair if needed. There are easy ways to repair your clothes at home but you can bring it to a seamstress too. They are usually local sweetheart ladies who are trying to earn a living independently. The lady I usually go see is the best! We only have french language in common and both of us are having a hard time with it, but we still have a blast talking (and signing) to eachother.

photo source: pinterest

+1 encourage your family and friends to follow your sustainable journey!

It is fun to share your experience and knowledge with he ones around you and get them more involved in your interests. It’s also a good way to bond more.

I created a facebook group, called ZWTribe, it stands for Zero Waste Tribe. It is a small group and we can all share our knowledge or interesting videos and articles that we would like to share with eachother. Come join our conversation here!



Barcelona – food, sustainable market, grocery and clothing shopping, not a typical touristy guide

Hi lovelies!

It was my 5th time in Barcelona and not the last one. Everytime I go back I try to visit new places and the ones I have never visited. I always go to different districts to stay so I get to know the city more and more and try to blend in with he locals.

Luckily, just like most parts of Europe, people supports local businesses and are really proud of anything that was grown or made in their area, so it is not hard to discover Barcelona as an eco traveler and stick to your values during your stay.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I always try to go to restos that align with my truth, like vegan, locally sourced or restaurants that sells organic meat. Places that hold sustainable values.


-only my favorite places-

La Pepita tapas bar

The ambience was great, we received a warm welcome at the door, our service was perfect and the food was amazing. I can’t wait to go back! If you ever go, you have to try their peach gazpacho, patata bravas and don’t forget about their beautiful cavas and wines. AH!





Flax and Kale

We went to Flax and Kale Passage, a healthy and sustainable instagram famous restaurant. The place looks stunning! We got seated really fast, the menu is nice full of delicious vegetable dense dishes. They have all the healthy foods you want from gluten-free pizza to avocado toast. Unfortunately our waiter was anything but nice, it implemented the experience. But overall the idea and the place is awesome!





Brunch and Cake

Really great brunch spot with creative healthy dishes, kind and fast service. All their plates have something special about it, mine had a siring full of guacamole in it, so fun! I overall love their plating and the whole place has these ‘happy vibes’. Excuse me, who would put the top of their pineapple (with the greens and everything) in the middle of a plate? Reminds us not to take everything so serious. I love it and I can’t wait to return!





Surf House

This place is located by the beach, so if you are lucky you have a nice seaside view. You have to wait a bit but it is so worth it! Also, if you are into paddle surf you can just rent one there right away. The whole place represents well all the ‘surf-y lifestyle’ and I can only write great things about it. I will go back and maybe get a surf lesson before my meal too.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
even if I said no straws, somehow we always got one at every resto… 😦


La Donuteria

Freaking Epic Donuts! That is all I can say. And the cashier/pastry-cook was super cute and we had a great chat with her along with eating so many doughnuts I could barely move afterwards. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture because I was impatient to eat all the beautiful doughnuts, but you can see it in my vlog below.

Bodega Biarritz

Nice little tapas bar. I went there alone and almost ate the volume of a menu for 2. It was so tasty! They have a funny concept tho. They have their food lined up on the bar and you have to point at what you would like to eat meanwhile other people are eating at the bar and you are sneaking in between them. I don’t feel intimidated, but some might.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


El Xampanyet

Authentic tapas experience. Not touristic, eventho it is in that area. It was jam packed with locals and maaaan the atmosphere was amazing! I wouldn’t have leave for hours (or like ever) if they are not closing between the two shifts. Got impeccable service and locally produced fresh food. Best best best!





Syra Coffee

In Syra, I had one of the best coffees in my life. If I would live in Barcelona, I would go there everyday twice. It was that good. I’m just sad I forgot to bring my travel mug and had to get my coffee in plastic. Ouch. So if you are a coffee geek, I recommend you to give a try, you won’t regret it. The barista who served us was very kind too.  Next time I got to BCN I get an Airbnb next to this place, so every morning will start with this amazing coffee experience.





Sustainable, organic shopping:

Let’s talk about shopping for food, clothes, whatever you spend your euro on… I don’t know if I was the lucky one but wherever I walked I bumped into artisanal, handmade shops so as organic grocery stores. In the grocery stores I went almost everything they were selling was local or was from Spain. They have these ‘KM 0’ fruits and vegetables that provides an opportunity to small farmers to sell their products to grocery stores, they are always local therefore it reduces the waste that it caused by making the produces travel across the country or sometimes the globe.




To do your grocery, you can always visit their markets. You can find them all over the city. The most famous one is La Boquaria, it is in the middle of the touristic area and I prefer absolutely avoiding it. I like Mercat de Santa Caterina which has an awesome tapas bar in it, called Cuines Santa Caterina. And for those who likes wandering around in health stores and discovering different new products you might not have in your country, there is a little store in the market called Manantial de Salud. But if you desire a more quite place I would suggest Mercat de l’Estrella, it is really small and you won’t see a tourist in it.

Clothing and accessory shopping wise, just walk around in the city. There are plenty of Barcelona or Spain made goodies. Abundance! Here are some of them that I have visited:

  • Natura Selection – they only work with small factories and businesses, they held fair labor policies and are raising money to build drinkable water wells in Burkina Faso.
  • La Manual Alpargatera – Espadrille workshop and shop. When you enter you feel like you’ve entered a shop in Harry Potter. So trippy! It has those magical vibes. You have old wooden shelf full of espadrilles and at the back of the tiny store you can see how they are made and who makes them! And they are so cool, they give you the instructions on your own language. They have it in every language!
  • Palo Alto art market – it is held every month’s first Saturday and Sunday. You have live music, street food, art… It’s the coolest market festival where you can meet people from Barcelona’s art scene, support local artisans, eat well and just have fun. It is a must go for conscious shoppers!





For bookworms and art lovers:

I found the most incredibly book stores and galleries just by walking in the Gothic Quarter and El Born. Some shops look like the Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. (I am a terrible HP geek, so it was heaven for me).

Every bookstore I went in had Catalan writers’ books in English and sometimes French too.

If you prefer getting secondhand books, there’s a chain called, Re-Read Liberia, that has some cool books too in many languages.




Here you can watch my youtube video about Barcelona:


I didn’t write any touristic places in my guide, since you can just easily google them and I believe you can find them yourself. My guide is more about the authentic experience and soaking up the culture. (So as my following guides going to be.)

Don’t forget to tag me on your picture if you visit one these places in Barcelona!

Enjoy your trip!



Barcelona eco-friendly hotel and accommodation guide

Hi guys!

I uploaded this week’s video on my Youtube that I took in Barcelona on my way home.

I wanted to spend some time alone, before I come back to Montreal. As many of you who have immigrated knows how difficult it is to deal with your emotions when you have to say goodbye to your family, friends, your favourite places, the scent of the air, the way the sun shines in your country… I knew I needed some time just for myself. Alone. Somewhere that is none of my homes, yet feels like it. I decided to go back to Barcelona. Am I becoming one of those old folks who goes to the same place on a holiday every year? Maybe… I already lived a fourth of a century, I guess that might be a good excuse, or I should just move to Barcelona so I never have to go on a holiday there again, because everyday is a holiday?! STOP ME!

So, I moved to Canada 3 years ago, because of my love and couldn’t return for more than 2 years, which just by thinking about it still breaks my heart. I have a really strong and close relationship with my family and friends and it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life. Even my operation afterwards was a ride in Disneyland. But now, I am able to come and go whenever I want to, which makes my life much easier and less heartachy.

Despite staying in Canada for over 2 years, I used to and I still travel A Lot. I usually stay in an Airbnb, but the last time I went I stayed in one of the eco hotels, called Princess Hotel Barcelona. They have a sustainability plan called ‘360 Princess and You’ in which they are reducing overall waste, do energy saving in every area of the hotel and they have EMAS certificate too. Such a great job they are doing there! I booked this hotel through Booking.com and I always book my hotels through them.

I also have a promo code for their website too for your next stay, you can get 25CAD if you book through my link, here.

It was an amazing experience to stay there and I’m hoping to try their other eco hotels too. You can see a few clips about the hotel below in my 4th vlog on Youtube.

If you prefer renting an apartment rather than staying at a hotel, I would suggest you to try Airbnb.

Airbnb’s are fun, I’ve met a lot of cool people, stayed at pretty places and never had any problems anywhere. It is a really cheap and safe way of accommodation.

If you would like to try Airbnb and rent an apartment, villa, tree house or just a room sign up and get $42 CAD off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link: https://abnb.me/e/mUE2i2UMAP

Here you can find other Princess eco hotels around the world: Princess Hotels

Here you can watch my youtube videos about Barcelona:


Talk to you guys soon!