Weekly blog #2 Zero Waste shopping, podcast, endometriosis

Hello guys,

it is Sunday again so it’s time for a new weekly update blog post! Yay! My favourite day!

This week has been overall a hard one. When I say this, I don’t mean to complain but I know how much opening up on social media can help others who can relate to my story not to feel alone and how much seeing someone experiencing similar things in life can be a relief and give a sense of belonging. We are so separated in this modern world and not once it happened to me that I was feeling lost and lonely about my life situation or my health condition and I saw a brave soul opening up about going through the same have gave me so much hope!

Everytime I share about my experiences, please take it like that, because in no meaning I share it to complain but to break down these walls and create a sense of community so much of us are lack of (honestly, including myself at most times).

This week, almost every day I woke up with excruciating lower abdomen, back and leg pain. I had a lot of other weird symptoms which made me consider that I may have endometriosis again. For those who are new to my blog, I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 years ago after being in pain for 10 years… than I got operated a year and a half ago and things have been good just until this May.

My plan for this week is to finally record a new podcast episode to my Hungarian channel, as so many of you have requested new and more episodes.
Unfortunately, due to my pain and crazy weird other symptoms, I couldn’t and I can’t tell you when I’m going to happen. I would love to share more in my native language and I love my podcast, but all this that has been happening doesn’t really leave me with any energy and it also makes me terribly anxious, scared and worried at all times.

I don’t feel like recording an uplifting, motivational episode when I’m down. I can’t fake it and I’m sure you guys would be able to tell the difference too.

Sajnalom skacok! Nemsokara visszaterek!

But there is one thing I’m sure about, is that, everything’s going to be fine! I just probably have to learn a new lesson from this pain that will open up new doors and better understanding of my life.

So you guys are not forgotten and my podcast is not over! I just need to take my time to heal and rest.

Above running to the ER and doctors we went to do a big grocery shopping and I just wanted to show you guys how we are trying to eliminate single-use plastic from our lives and support local businesses.

I already recorded a video with to my old channel, Mademoiselle Panka, where you can follow me to do a bulk store shopping, here is the link to check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Also, I was wondering, should I start to do videos again? Would you guys be interested?

Now I have a camera and bit of more knowledge how to do a video so it would be better quality! At least I hope!

If yes, let me know in the comments below!

First stop was our local market, where despite the banana and avocado, everything is from local Quebec farmers and they don’t wrap any vegetables in plastic, so it’s perfect for us.

I’m subscribed to their market and pay them a supporting fee every year and I receive a discount. You can also volunteer for them.

I leave you a link here, if you’re more interested in checking these markets out or you’d like to volunteer.

They are not open all year long, but as long as they are, I like to go there and do my grocery.

Not to mention, everything is dirt cheap there. I bought a box of green beans for 75cent.

It is super important for us to try to support local makers and growers for 4 main reasons:
2)to reduce the environmental impact
3)local businesses create new jobs
4)better customer service

We also try to make sure to buy seasonal veggies and fruits most of the time. I’m not saying I won’t buy tomatoes during winter, but we kinda try to see what is still available from Quebec. During winter we go to an organic grocery store not so far from us, eventho they are far not zero waste, the market is closed during that time of the year.

Than we went for a bulk store shopping:

I have to say this post was not sponsored by any of the stores or any brands mentioned above.

We always go to the same two bulk stores. One that you can see in my video, for all the dried goods, and another one next to it where you have more choice of self-hygiene and cleaning products.

I always write a list in my phone what I need from the store and I kinda know the quantity we need for a month or more, as I like to buy more so we don’t have to go so often.

I chose the containers and jars I need approximately and I bring them. You can measure them all in the store than just fill them up, write their product number on it and Voila! Shopping without plastic.

I find it is a lot of fun and always a bit adventurous because I always see new products on the shelves that I can try and my inner child totally comes out while filling those jars. It’s like playing!

In this bulk store you also receive 10% if you bring your own jars for all the product and you also get further discounts when you buy in big quantities. And the discount increases with the quantity.

Here are all the things we bought, you can see that we managed to buy only 2 products wrapped in single-used plastic, which is pretty good in my opinion.
(The rice is in a zip-lock bag we are keep reusing and brought it to the store with us.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s blog post too! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!

Talk to you next week!

Panka x

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