Weekly Blog #1 – fast fashion, back in Montreal, life update

Hey lovelies,

It has been so long since the last time I talked to you guys! I know!

This year has been crazy so far and not necessarily always in a good way… I like to keep things real so when I don’t feel positive or that I am not able to share and give to the world anything I just don’t fake it and rather just take a few steps back and rest until things start to fall in place again and I have the energy to show up fully.

It’s part of my self-care policy, that I don’t fake positive vibes on social media nor in the 3D if honestly I just feel like crying on the sofa or just doesn’t feel like talking to anyone. I just don’t. I protect my energies with this policy and I don’t add into this global BS that we always have to be positive and life is all rainbows and butterflies. No. Screw that! Let’s keep things real everyone!

If we fake that ‘all is well’ when it is not, it makes others think that there must be something wrong with them if they are not 100% all the time and may even make someone with mental illnesses make feel worse. You do a disservice to the community with faking happiness and I’m not into that at all.

As you know if you are following me on Instagram that I was travelling quite a lot this year especially to Europe and I just got back to Montreal last week and probably I won’t go far despite a few roadtrips here and there for a few months. This year I visited the UK, Spain, Germany, Hungary (3x this year), Serbia and traveled inside Quebec too. If you would like to hear about my travels more, let me know in the comments below and I put together a traveling blog post for you guys!

I was debating a lot of what kind of content should I do, what you guys would like to see or hear because it is hard to figure out sometimes… So I decided, I’m just gonna share everything I’m into in these weekly blog posts.

After I wasn’t that jetlegged I wanted to take a few pictures about my ultimate fall outfit and talk a little bit about shopping and share with you the ways I’m trying to avoid fast fashion and prioritise more responsible ways to dress myself.

As a side note, I am not a real ‘fashionista’ and I don’t even think I would have a particularly good style, but despite that I love dressing up for myself and I love nice clothes. I’m not even sure most of the time if what I’m wearing is ‘fashionable’ or matches with my colours and body shape, but if I put it on and it fills me with joy, than that is all that matters.

Or actually… here is one more thing!

After I learnt more about fast fashion by watching a documentary about the collapse of Rana Plaza and started to read more about these ‘sweat shops’ and about the environmental effect of the fashion industry, I knew I had to change the way I shop and carefully choose who I support with my money. Because you vote with your dollar!

Did you know that fast fashion is the second largest polluter on Earth after oil?

Or that the fast fashion industry emits 1.2 billion tons (!) of CO2 equivalent per year?

Or that the production of these textiles use contains 3500 different chemicals?

Or that the garment workers are 85% woman and are commonly mentally, physically and sexual abused or that they often employ children to work in these poor conditions? Let’s not even talk about their wages either and the amount of profit these companies make over them…

For over 2 years now I’m trying to avoid supporting these companies but I won’t lie… it’s a work in progress. It is really hard to completely avoid these brands like H&M, Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters so on, but I’m trying my current best.

Depending on how much I’m willing to spend on a piece I consider my options.

A) Can I buy a handmade, designer piece that’s going to last 5+ or even 10+ years for me? Is there a store or webshop who uses organic materials and pays and treat their garment workers well?
If not or what I’m looking for is out of my price range, than
B)Can I buy it preloved or in a thrift shop?
Or if I saw a piece, I completely fall in love with and I just can’t find another option but I know I will love it forever, than comes option
C) I buy it in the fast fashion store sans regret.

I did include designer pieces in option A, because I like to dress fancy and have fancy bags and I am not sorry for it, especially because some pieces lasts a lifetime and as a business woman, I like a good investment.

We took a few picture of me on a rainy day and just wanted to show you how I like to rock the fall weather as a wannabe ‘eco-fashionista’ so you may see this is nearly not impossible to wear some lovely pieces without going to a fast fashion store:

Leather jacket: thrift store from Budapest, from the tiny one across the Dohany Street Synagogue, payed 2$ for it
White turtle neck: gifted from a friend because she got bored of it
Belt: Christmas gift from my mom, probably from a fast fashion store, it’s already falling apart unfortunately, yet not surprisingly
Jeans: Tristan (made in Canada)
Shoes: bought it in Desigual 2 years ago because I know it’s going to last long as I already know the brand and bought quite a few (way too many) things there
Bag: Kate Spade, which is also a good investment I find. I put a golden chain on it instead of the original attachable handle because I found that boring

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as I’m planning to share one with you every week!

Let me know how you liked it in the comments below!

Have a great next week guys! Talk to you next Sunday.

Panka x

This blog post doesn’t contains any payed advertisement!

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