With heart & Soul #1

Are you familiar with these thoughts: ‘oh no, I can’t chase my dreams. I don’t deserve financial and health abundance. Im not good in anything. I can’t make friends…’ We think so small about ourselves. So here, I invite you to drop this big BS and become responsible of what you invite in your life!

No shit, you won’t have anything you desire if you already decide you ‘dont deserve it or you are not capable of…’. just by saying these words you assure yourself that there is not the slightest chance that you’ll have what you want! You are screwing yourself over friend! Not life, not the neighbors, not your family, not the full moon, YOU!

If you have instagram and you are reading this you are already much more privileged than others on this Earth… let’s start there and never forget this!

You are the one in control of your life. You are not your circumstances. You are not your parents financials, you are not the person they bullied in primary school, you are not your marital status. You are what you want to create and what you want to be.

Try this: if you have no limitations in life, who would you want to be? What is your heart desire the most? Write it down! If you don’t know, remember the life you wanted as a kid! Start there and wander around in every aspect of your life. Be completely honest with yourself because remember, you are here to rediscover your DREAMS AND MAKE THEM HAPPEN!

I tell you my dreams that I made happen so maybe you will see how big you can dream.
I come from a poor family, I was born in the countryside buttfuck nowhere in Hungary. I got bullied at school and been harrassed by men. I had zero self-esteem and zero confidence. I always wanted to look like someone else, be like someone else, because when I was myself, people hurt me. Due to the pain I was holding onto I developed endometriosis and pcos and I was running away from myself as far as possible (/as far that I moved to Canada). When I ran far enough I had to sit with myself, my hurts and sicknesses to realise I am in charge of my own life!

I was feeling hurt and blaming others instead of stepping up for myself and taking charge of my own life the whole time…

I tried many ways to reconnect with my true self and make my dreams happen but I had to negotiate in ALL, so they weren’t my dreams anymore. They were somewhat in between but they didn’t make me happy because I had the vision of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to live.
I wanted to help people live a healthier, happier and wealthier life, do a job that allows me to help others, makes me happy and jump out of bed every morning excited for the day ahead and to be able to travel whenever I want to wherever I want to with the financial abundance this work provides me.
I built a clean beauty blog and Instagram only to after working hard on it for years realize this was again just a middle option. It wasn’t what I wanted! Oh no… I wasn’t helping the way i wanted, I was broke as fuck and in the meantime I lost all my interest in makeup and beauty stuff.
I always envied people like Tara Bliss, Peta Kelly, Melissa Ambrosoni, Denise duffield-Thomas and some friends who’ve been working in the personal development / networking field, that they can help others and travel whenever they want out of the serious cash they make and even the company pays them for amazing trips sometimes. I was so fucking jealous to be honest…

But I was stuck in thinking I can’t do it or I don’t deserve it, than I also thought ‘nahh I don’t want to convince people all day that they can have a life of their dream’… I should be embarrassed by telling you all this, but I like to be 100% honest and this is what I actually thought so bear with me.

I was twisting and turning and suffering (and making myself pretty sick again…) until I realized that I am the one who is in control. So wait a second! If I drop the BS behavior of blaming others and being secretly jelous I can do this too. I can live a life I always dreamt of!

I always loved the concept of networking marketing because I saw these people as the biggest rebels against the system! And oh, honey! I’m a rebel and a half! But I was scared shitless to become responsible of building my own dream life. Can relate? Most of you sure can, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! 😉 I got the ‘what would the neighbours think’ syndrome…

My mom was already the part of this somewhat and she knew that this is what I would love and enjoy and could fullfill my life purpose, but she never wanted to push me, but I always had it in the back of my head. These products were always on my shelves in the bathroom and kitchen. Until one day, after having a major endometriosis flare-up/breakdown/all my mental shit came to the surface, I said to myself; Fuck it, I am not accepting a life where I am unhappy, where I am sick all the time, where I am searching for ways to help others when it is more than obvious I couldn’t help myself either… So I quit my day job, I stopped my clean beauty blog and dedicated my time for myself and my dreams. And it felt WOW!

I immediately learnt that the biggest gift you can give in life and the biggest help you can give to others is to show up for yourself, be responsible for yourself and love and respect yourself 100%.

Boundaries are freaking sexy!

By doing this and showing it to others so they get inspired to follow you, and learn to radiate love. This world becomes a better place because Earth can feel how many more of us are tuning into the channel of love! Yes, I love all the woo woo stuff.

I would like to invite you if you want to join a community that lives their life leading with their heart and soul send me a message ❤️ I would love to have you on board!



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