Weekend in Quebec city – Winter travel guide

We like to gift memories rather than material stuff with my husband and this one was a gift from me for our wedding anniversary.

I live in Quebec for 3 years now but never visited the capital, Quebec city before and I thought it was time to do so.

We went after New Year so a lot of places were closed, yet not the ones I planned to visit.

We stayed in Hotel Chateau Laurier a family-owned sustainable hotel.

First night we went to have dinner in Noctem, a collective artisan brewery. Noctem’s meat products are from a small Quebec farm and the animals were raised freely, without hormones or antibiotics and they support other local suppliers too. We got seated next to the brewing room and it was really exciting to see where their beer is made, see the giant barrels and we totally geeked out about their laboratory equipment!


We ordered Pizza pocket, Picnic burger and their warm salad. Unfortunately, the salad was lack of dressing I found, but everything else was delicious.

By the second day, the weather got a bit warmer (-8°C) and we could go and discover a bit more of Quebec city.

I woke up super early because our room was close to the elevator and everyone walked in front of it, but receptionist was really kind and gave us a quieter room on another floor for the second day. Than we went to the spa and had some swim before we headed out to discover Old Quebec.

We had to find the best poutine, the national food of Quebec, to have the full experience. I did some research on the internet and a lot of people suggested the Chic Shack so we went there. I arrived with high expectation, but unfortunately the poutine wasn’t even close to the best I had, but indeed it was delicious. We also had some soup on the side to warm us up and it really hit the spot.

I heard about two beautiful libraries that are a must visit for bookworms, the Morrin Center and the Maison de la Littérature. Morrin Center was closed by the time we get there, but Maison de la Littérature was luckily still open. It used to be a church and now it is a beatiful library as you can see on the pictures below.

For dinner we went to eat at Kraken Kru a small, cozy, fish restaurant. I love tiny places like this. You can sit at the tiny bar or they have one small table by the window. By sitting at the bar, you can see the whole kitchen too. They have 1 old stove and it is really small, as I mentioned, but it only adds to the experience. You have the sensation of eating at someone’s home, yet you get the quality of a really good bistro.

After our amazing meal me went to have a beer just across the street at Brasserie Griendel. They have a large selection of great beer and nice bar food.

On our final day, the weather got nicer (-5°C) and we could finally walk around in Old Quebec and discover its small Harry Potter alike streets and magical little shops.

If you like a good hot chocolate, no, wait, if you LOVE an excellent hot chocolate and a good meal, I recommend you visiting Cochon Dingue. Even for their french cliché interior design it’s worth a visit or at least to peak in.

Before heading back to Montreal, we stopped at the Museum of Civilisation to check out their new exhibition called ‘London Calling’.

Old Quebec indeed feels European and it was great to have a weekend there and through its architecture I got a little sense of ‘home’.

I can’t wait for the next adventure. I am ready.


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