BC – Vancouver, Whistler, Squamish Eco Travel Guide

Hi guys!

This is the second time I’m writing an eco blog post for you along with the video I did for my Youtube channel. You can watch it right below.

To visit BC was my childhood dream. I clearly remember sitting far far away from Canada in my school, in the basement where they held the geography classes and I was mesmerised by The Rockies, The pacific Ranges and all those beautiful mountains on the west coast. Originally, I’m from the Great Hungarian Plain so you can imagine how much those mountains blew my mind. I just couldn’t understand how they are even real. I remember circling all the places in North America with beautiful mountains where I wanted to go. Visiting Vancouver and it’s northern area was circled too with a small heart drew next to it.

We took an early morning flight and when we were flying through The Rockies, I started to cry. I remembered that little girl, all her feelings, dreams… In that moment, I achieved a life goal and I was utterly grateful.


When we arrived we ran to have a ramen to charge us up after a long flight. We headed to Benkei ramen. I read amazing things about them and it was even better than expected. It was amazing! I highly recommend to try the black vegan ramen if you’re going there. We were talking about returning there everyday afterwards, but there were so many places to discover.




We spent our next days is Vancouver with walking around 20kms every day. We walked across the city in every direction. Visited Stanley Park, Granville Island and all the ‘must go’-es. And as it has to be on a travel, we went to eat out. A lot!






So far, my favourite place was Acorn. I spotted this restaurant months earlier before we went on this trip. It’s a vegetarian/vegan farm-to-table restaurant. The dishes we tried looked stunning, the plating was beautiful, the food was incredibly delicious and we received a warm welcome. It is one of the those places where you are genuinely satisfied with everything from the moment you enter the door. Acorn is a perfect restaurant from A to Z. I can’t wait to return!







If you like donuts like me, I know the best place to go in Van! Cartems Donuts uses mostly local ingredients and makes crazy donuts you have never even thought of before. I had a Whiskey Bacon one, shared a London Fog with Mike. They also have vegan and gluten-friendly options too.


2018-09-19 06.21.16 3.jpg



On our last night of Vancouver we went to L’Abattoir a French inspired really elegant restaurant. We ate the whole menu (not literally), as usual. The service and food was impeccable. Their wine selection is outstanding. Send my bests to the sommelier! I would love to come back another time too.







After spending 3 days in Van we rented a car and headed to Whistler to hike. It started to rain the moment we wanted to put our hiking boots on the trail. Luckily, I booked a room in an eco hotel with spa, so when the weather was too cold and crazy we could chill there. I always book through Booking.com as I find this website with the best deals and the easiest to use. Even my mom used to book with it everytime we went on a holiday vacation. If you want 25CAD from your booking, click this link.

2018-09-21 03.17.00 1.jpg

The hotel we stayed in called Aava Hotel. They have high efficiency temperature controls, lighting, low-flow toilets, botanical soaps and 4 E-charging points in their garage, they are also dog friendly and offer complementary GoPro rental. How cool, right? We really had a great time there.



It was keep raining, but we went on really beautiful hikes anyways as you can see it in my vlog above.

My favourite place to eat in Whistler was Bar Oso. It’s a Spanish influenced restaurant and bar with a really nice cocktail and wine list. I just came back from Spain, not so long ago, and I already miss it a lot, so we went to Oso and received a real authentic experience from the Chef. Every bite was a great memory of my favourite country to visit. If you go there, please don’t miss out on the tapas plate. No words!






Before we went to our last stop also for a few days, we visited North Arm Farm in Pemberton. If you have ever seen magic in your life… this place was it. They grow organic fruits and vegetables here and you can buy them at their market stand. Also many restaurant from the area buy their products, they hosts many events and you can rent the place for your wedding.






On the way to our last stop Squamish, we stopped by Southside Diner, the coolest diner ever! And I mean it. They have ridiculous house-rules, amazing service and delicious north american classic foods and whilst stuffing your face with their burger you can sip on their organic coffee.






It was keep raining, but when the next day we wanted to go to the farmer’s market it stopped. The only time it stopped raining in 5 days. It was a sign for sure. This day I finally got to try Hip Pocket Pie‘s amazing vegan treats. I’ve been following them for a while now on Instagram, because I love following inspiring businesses who stands for the environment. They pie crust is something to die for!!! Even my chef husband was all over the place! Did I mention they are fully vegan and only use organic ingredients? Can it get any better? Yes, they are super kind people!






We’ve spent our last days, or continued, with eating and hiking.

On our last day, before taking our flight we drove back to Whistler, because it finally stopped raining and went up with the Peak-to-Peak gondola. It was pretty cloudy but it was still worth it.

2018-09-24 01.34.14 1.jpg


Than back in Vancity again. I wanted to try Heritage Asian Eatery, also an Instagram found, so we ran there before rushing to the airport to catch our midnight flight. They are also one of those awesome places who uses locally-sourced ingredients. They were about to close but still let us in and we ate SO well. We both had rice bowls, but the portions are so big (even for us, and we really always eat everything) that we had to take some of it with us on the plane.


2018-09-24 12.55.08 1.jpg

We had a night-flight back to Montreal. I was terribly sad to leave BC. I felt like I’ve found something here that I was always looking for. Maybe it was the nature, the kind people, the amazing experiences… I can not wait to return! BC you are my favourite province in Canada!



PS. I only featured the restaurants and places I would highly recommend to visit. We seriously ate out way too much so I had to be strict on sharing only the bestest ones. I also really wanted to include all the amazing Zero Waste stores they have in Vancouver  but since we didn’t have time to visit them by then end, I will share them with you next time 🙂

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