Barcelona – food, sustainable market, grocery and clothing shopping, not a typical touristy guide

Hi lovelies!

It was my 5th time in Barcelona and not the last one. Everytime I go back I try to visit new places and the ones I have never visited. I always go to different districts to stay so I get to know the city more and more and try to blend in with he locals.

Luckily, just like most parts of Europe, people supports local businesses and are really proud of anything that was grown or made in their area, so it is not hard to discover Barcelona as an eco traveler and stick to your values during your stay.

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I always try to go to restos that align with my truth, like vegan, locally sourced or restaurants that sells organic meat. Places that hold sustainable values.


-only my favorite places-

La Pepita tapas bar

The ambience was great, we received a warm welcome at the door, our service was perfect and the food was amazing. I can’t wait to go back! If you ever go, you have to try their peach gazpacho, patata bravas and don’t forget about their beautiful cavas and wines. AH!





Flax and Kale

We went to Flax and Kale Passage, a healthy and sustainable instagram famous restaurant. The place looks stunning! We got seated really fast, the menu is nice full of delicious vegetable dense dishes. They have all the healthy foods you want from gluten-free pizza to avocado toast. Unfortunately our waiter was anything but nice, it implemented the experience. But overall the idea and the place is awesome!





Brunch and Cake

Really great brunch spot with creative healthy dishes, kind and fast service. All their plates have something special about it, mine had a siring full of guacamole in it, so fun! I overall love their plating and the whole place has these ‘happy vibes’. Excuse me, who would put the top of their pineapple (with the greens and everything) in the middle of a plate? Reminds us not to take everything so serious. I love it and I can’t wait to return!





Surf House

This place is located by the beach, so if you are lucky you have a nice seaside view. You have to wait a bit but it is so worth it! Also, if you are into paddle surf you can just rent one there right away. The whole place represents well all the ‘surf-y lifestyle’ and I can only write great things about it. I will go back and maybe get a surf lesson before my meal too.

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even if I said no straws, somehow we always got one at every resto… 😦


La Donuteria

Freaking Epic Donuts! That is all I can say. And the cashier/pastry-cook was super cute and we had a great chat with her along with eating so many doughnuts I could barely move afterwards. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture because I was impatient to eat all the beautiful doughnuts, but you can see it in my vlog below.

Bodega Biarritz

Nice little tapas bar. I went there alone and almost ate the volume of a menu for 2. It was so tasty! They have a funny concept tho. They have their food lined up on the bar and you have to point at what you would like to eat meanwhile other people are eating at the bar and you are sneaking in between them. I don’t feel intimidated, but some might.

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El Xampanyet

Authentic tapas experience. Not touristic, eventho it is in that area. It was jam packed with locals and maaaan the atmosphere was amazing! I wouldn’t have leave for hours (or like ever) if they are not closing between the two shifts. Got impeccable service and locally produced fresh food. Best best best!





Syra Coffee

In Syra, I had one of the best coffees in my life. If I would live in Barcelona, I would go there everyday twice. It was that good. I’m just sad I forgot to bring my travel mug and had to get my coffee in plastic. Ouch. So if you are a coffee geek, I recommend you to give a try, you won’t regret it. The barista who served us was very kind too.  Next time I got to BCN I get an Airbnb next to this place, so every morning will start with this amazing coffee experience.





Sustainable, organic shopping:

Let’s talk about shopping for food, clothes, whatever you spend your euro on… I don’t know if I was the lucky one but wherever I walked I bumped into artisanal, handmade shops so as organic grocery stores. In the grocery stores I went almost everything they were selling was local or was from Spain. They have these ‘KM 0’ fruits and vegetables that provides an opportunity to small farmers to sell their products to grocery stores, they are always local therefore it reduces the waste that it caused by making the produces travel across the country or sometimes the globe.




To do your grocery, you can always visit their markets. You can find them all over the city. The most famous one is La Boquaria, it is in the middle of the touristic area and I prefer absolutely avoiding it. I like Mercat de Santa Caterina which has an awesome tapas bar in it, called Cuines Santa Caterina. And for those who likes wandering around in health stores and discovering different new products you might not have in your country, there is a little store in the market called Manantial de Salud. But if you desire a more quite place I would suggest Mercat de l’Estrella, it is really small and you won’t see a tourist in it.

Clothing and accessory shopping wise, just walk around in the city. There are plenty of Barcelona or Spain made goodies. Abundance! Here are some of them that I have visited:

  • Natura Selection – they only work with small factories and businesses, they held fair labor policies and are raising money to build drinkable water wells in Burkina Faso.
  • La Manual Alpargatera – Espadrille workshop and shop. When you enter you feel like you’ve entered a shop in Harry Potter. So trippy! It has those magical vibes. You have old wooden shelf full of espadrilles and at the back of the tiny store you can see how they are made and who makes them! And they are so cool, they give you the instructions on your own language. They have it in every language!
  • Palo Alto art market – it is held every month’s first Saturday and Sunday. You have live music, street food, art… It’s the coolest market festival where you can meet people from Barcelona’s art scene, support local artisans, eat well and just have fun. It is a must go for conscious shoppers!





For bookworms and art lovers:

I found the most incredibly book stores and galleries just by walking in the Gothic Quarter and El Born. Some shops look like the Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. (I am a terrible HP geek, so it was heaven for me).

Every bookstore I went in had Catalan writers’ books in English and sometimes French too.

If you prefer getting secondhand books, there’s a chain called, Re-Read Liberia, that has some cool books too in many languages.




Here you can watch my youtube video about Barcelona:


I didn’t write any touristic places in my guide, since you can just easily google them and I believe you can find them yourself. My guide is more about the authentic experience and soaking up the culture. (So as my following guides going to be.)

Don’t forget to tag me on your picture if you visit one these places in Barcelona!

Enjoy your trip!



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