Barcelona eco-friendly hotel and accommodation guide

Hi guys!

I uploaded this week’s video on my Youtube that I took in Barcelona on my way home.

I wanted to spend some time alone, before I come back to Montreal. As many of you who have immigrated knows how difficult it is to deal with your emotions when you have to say goodbye to your family, friends, your favourite places, the scent of the air, the way the sun shines in your country… I knew I needed some time just for myself. Alone. Somewhere that is none of my homes, yet feels like it. I decided to go back to Barcelona. Am I becoming one of those old folks who goes to the same place on a holiday every year? Maybe… I already lived a fourth of a century, I guess that might be a good excuse, or I should just move to Barcelona so I never have to go on a holiday there again, because everyday is a holiday?! STOP ME!

So, I moved to Canada 3 years ago, because of my love and couldn’t return for more than 2 years, which just by thinking about it still breaks my heart. I have a really strong and close relationship with my family and friends and it was the hardest thing I had to do in my life. Even my operation afterwards was a ride in Disneyland. But now, I am able to come and go whenever I want to, which makes my life much easier and less heartachy.

Despite staying in Canada for over 2 years, I used to and I still travel A Lot. I usually stay in an Airbnb, but the last time I went I stayed in one of the eco hotels, called Princess Hotel Barcelona. They have a sustainability plan called ‘360 Princess and You’ in which they are reducing overall waste, do energy saving in every area of the hotel and they have EMAS certificate too. Such a great job they are doing there! I booked this hotel through and I always book my hotels through them.

I also have a promo code for their website too for your next stay, you can get 25CAD if you book through my link, here.

It was an amazing experience to stay there and I’m hoping to try their other eco hotels too. You can see a few clips about the hotel below in my 4th vlog on Youtube.

If you prefer renting an apartment rather than staying at a hotel, I would suggest you to try Airbnb.

Airbnb’s are fun, I’ve met a lot of cool people, stayed at pretty places and never had any problems anywhere. It is a really cheap and safe way of accommodation.

If you would like to try Airbnb and rent an apartment, villa, tree house or just a room sign up and get $42 CAD off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link:

Here you can find other Princess eco hotels around the world: Princess Hotels

Here you can watch my youtube videos about Barcelona:


Talk to you guys soon!



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