Elate Cosmetics Review

Elate Cosmetics was one of the first clean brands I started to use. Even before trying their products I already fall in love. As some sort of an extreme person myself, I appreciate when someone pushes the boundaries, well Elate crew does indeed!

photo: Marie-Jade Morneau

We are talking about a non-toxic, vegan + cruelty-free and sustainable brand. Which means, their products:

-does not contains any harmful ingredients nor for your body or the environment

-are not tested on animals and they doesn’t use animal ingredients either

-comes in recyclable/biodegradable package.

They use bamboo as a case for their makeup, and their package comes without using any additional package (no plastic waste, yay!). The pressed powders come in seed package which means, you can plant them in your garden and watch wildflowers or herbs sprout of them. No joke!

These honest brands are the one I found to deserve my money and support!

And than I placed my first order, than another one and than another one. And I just can’t get enough!

photo: Marie-Jade Morneau

And for the people doubting that natural makeup is not the same quality as mainstream ones… LOOK AT THE PICTURES! Yes, they bring the same quality and I use them for many photoshoots and I even used them on movie sets!

I can’t even describe the makeup I have from Elate one-by-one, since I could only write and repeat ‘I love it, it’s perfect’. So let my pictures be those words.

These are my earlier photos where I used Elate products and you might saw them on my Instagram:

More about Elate:



More about my photographer, Marie-Jade:



Have you tried Elate Cosmetics before?



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