Outfit and Makeup of the week #9 Last cold day

Long time I haven’t shared a thing, but you know… life. I don’t even look for excuses anymore. 

Yvette Cakpo Photography

On the last cold day I had a photoshoot with a friend, Yvette. We took some fun pictures at  Boutique Peridot. We were supposed to go elsewhere, but the cafe was closed and the staff of Peridot was kind enough to let us use their store and their deco.

I was anything but motivated to create an awesome outfit, since I was ready for a better weather. I felt like I have used all my clothes too much and I don’t like anything anymore. It happens if you have freezing colt weather 8 months a year. God, sounds awful… So, by the end I put on a biker leggings and boots, my Black Sabbath tee and my husband’s cool vintage vest. All from the thrift store.

Yvette Cakpo Photography

Nu Evolution gifted me some amazing makeup that I love using, so I created a look with it. I already wrote a review on them, you can read it here. 

Yvette Cakpo Pohotography

The Nu Evolution products I used:

Eyeshadow: tease and onyx

Complete covarage foundation: 101 and 100 in 50:50 ratio

Lipstick: Coquette

Bronzer in Portofino (also used it for my eyebrows too)

You can purchase Nu Evolution makeup from the same webshop as I do, from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop.

Now, that the weather is much much better, I will be sharing more outfits created with sustainable clothes, organic-vegan cosmetics and in general more of my ‘green’ way of living.



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