Nu Evolution look and review

There are brands that I have 1-2 products from that I love, but I don’t feel drawn to their other stuff, eventho they must be amazing too. On the other hand, there are those brands that I basically collect. Every. Single. Products. This review is one about one of those brands!

Nu Evolution lipgloss was the first lipbalm in my life that I finished. There was nothing in the bottle. Gone. Empty. Nada. After that, I got hooked up on their other products too and today I am using their liquid foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow, lipgloss and lipsticks. Nice kit, huh? And it’s not even all of it!

This photo was taken a while ago before I used these products a lot and only shows their liquid foundation test kit.

Oh, about the foundation! Full coverage, not heavy, feels like a soft cloud on your face I would say, lasts and doesn’t clog my pores and I have never experienced blemishes even after using it for many days in a row. Just a sidenote if you have fair skin with lightly orangy undertone: My color is between 100 and 101 so I have to mix it in 50-50 ratio.

I use their bronzer on my eyebrows too and it comes with a mirror which makes in handy and it lasts the whole day!

My eyes tend to ‘eat’ most of the eyeshadows, since the upper part of my eyelids are pulled down by gravity a bit or natural process of ageing. I like using the first expressions, just blame it all on gravity! Yet, my eyeshadows still lasts for a fair amount of time considering the fact that I only use these colors if I go out and do my crazy dance until the morning. Pretty good pigmentation as you can see on the picture below.

And their lip gloss tastes so gooooood! I lick it off in 5 mins and reapply and repeat. It’s not runny, so as their lipsticks. There is nothing I hate more when I look like night-predator after a hunt in my red lipstick, but no such a thing with these ones!

So here is the look I created lately with my kit:

I used:

-Eyeshadow: tease and onyx

-Complete covarage foundation: 101 and 100 in 50:50 ratio

-Lipstick: Coquette

-Bronzer in Portofino (also used it for my eyebrows too)

These products are available on The Green Jungle Beauty Shop.

And when you think it can’t get any better! They are a non-toxic makeup brand. All these nasties are banned from their products and they use natural and organic ingredients. Bammmmmm.

Also big big thank you for my amazing photographer, Yvette, for capturing this moment. You can find her on facebook here or on instagram here.

Have you tried Nu Evolution before? Are you also a big fan gurl like me?


Panka x

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