All I can think about is my next trip. Soaking up the sun, laying on the beach, picking fresh fruits from the trees, swimming in the sea, hanging out with friends and family, eating infinite amount of pastry and drinking the same amount of coffee or wine… Dear Europe, why are you so charming? I can’t wait to see you again!

But meanwhile, I am daydreaming on the stairs and try to catch some sunlight. Mike took a few pictures of me in my outfit of the day.

Normally I don’t use full coverage foundations, but my skin is freaking out due to the strong hormonal pills I started to take after my operation (and had to stop after a 1.5 using them), so I am currently using Nu Evolution liquid foundation which covers my blemishes, yet doesn’t make my look cakey and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin at all either! If you like full coverage liquid foundations I recommend you trying it. My lipstick was also Nu Evolution, called Coquette. I will be sharing more about this brand since I am totally in love with their products lately and I am trying more and more makeup from them and none has failed my tests yet!

Who else is going on a holiday in Europe? What is your favorite city?

Love and kindness,


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