Wednesday photoshoot with Sarah

I met up with Sarah to take some creative pictures in the back alleys of rundown Hochelaga and to have a matcha latte in Antidote Vegan restaurant.

So here is what we created:

My makeup was Vapour Beauty foundation stick and blush that I got gifted from my friend at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop. I used  ZuzuLuxe liquid eyeliner and Benecos lipstick and mascara. My bronzer, that I also used from my eyebrows, were from Nu Evolution. I only used non-toxic and cruelty-free products as always.

I bought all the clothes I’m wearing on the pictures in fast fashion stores quite a while ago. I wouldn’t do it now, but I still love these pieces so I will wear them until they disappear or at least until I bring them to Certex. What Certex is? I will tell you in the next post!

Love and kindness,


All pictures were made by Sarah Tatine 

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