My outfit says ‘I wanna rock and roll all nite’ but I’m actually going to…

Jazz. That is also little bit hip-hop and electronic too.

Anywho… I have a datenight with my husband, Mike, and we are going to see our favorite band Badbadnotgood for the first time. If you don’t know them yet, I highly recommend you to check them out. I showed him the band when we got together and we really like listening to them, also have them in the back as ambiance music when we have friends over or for board game nights. We are crazy fans of Settlers of Catan! I always win because I am terribly sneaky… ask Mike!

As you can see I am starting to wear less layers of clothing than the avarage number of 5 (and with five, I just say top layers; tank top, a tee, a long-sleeve, sweater and jacket) which means the 9 months of Canadian winter is slowly coming to its end. Probably most  Canadians won’t agree with me on this, but it is winter in my sense of meaning when I’m freezing… so 9 months it is.


My biker jacket is from Toronto’s flea market.

My tee is an italian band’s merch, Titta e le Fecce Tricolori and I got it about 16 years ago from them when I went to see their show in Ravenna, and I kept it ever since!

My shorts are new thrift store finds, they are the Urban Outfitter brand BDG, and I can’t wait to rock them without stockings too.

Sunglasses are Marc Jacobs and mini bag is Calvin Klein from Depop.

Shoes are from Desigual. Unfortunately not ethical and a fast fashion brand.


My makeup is real simple:

I only used foundation and a blush on my cheeks and lips. The brand is Vapour Beauty from The Green Jungle Beauty Shop.

Probably, I will be sharing many instagram stories about the show tonight and I can feel it in the air that the night’s going to end up with a late-night China Town dinner.

Love and kindness to you all,


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