My new favorite non-toxic 8-free nailpolish

I haven’t used nail polish for quite a long time after I learnt how toxic cosmetic products can be and eventho after I fully transitioned to Green Beauty I didn’t bought any. It just wasn’t on my priority list. But lately I started to enjoy doing my nails and getting my nails done so I bought different more natural alternatives to try and test. I found this color in Hungary whilst shopping with my Mom and I instantly fall in love with it. I don’t even want to use another for a while now. It’s like when you do your nails red for months (some people for years).

But first, let me show you the color I’m talking about!

Say ‘hi’ to my perfect March color! It is still pretty cold here in Canada (at least for me, for sure) and this color warms my heart.


Okay than, so what is an 8-free nail polish?

It means that the product does not contains: formaldehydes, toluene, colophony, camphor, phthalates, parabens, silicones and halo-organic compounds.

Info from the Benecos website.

As I said, I bought this nail polish in Hungary and it is available elsewhere too in Europe since it’s a German brand.

click if you would like to purchase

I am highly satisfied with it. It lasts long eventho I wash my hands many more times than average people due to my job.


There are also other ‘x-free’ options. Like ‘3-free’ which means it still contains high amount of toxic ingredients and I wouldn’t choose it personally, but there are other ones too like ‘5-free’ and so on.

I prefer choosing the ones that are first and foremost vegan and contains the least toxic products possible.

I will be doing a review for you guys about different brands of ‘x-free’ nail polishes, for now I just wanted to show you my favorite color right now and that you can find alternatives to use on your nails too!

Have a great day my Angels!



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