When not just the pictures are moody…

It is still snowing and I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My energy level is like, if I don’t drink two coffee my eyes are closed the whole day and all I can do is eat-lay on the couch and repeat. Therefore, it’s not going to be a deep or long post.


I’m trying to wear more colors to make myself feel better and this yellow pullover perfectly does the job. It’s a thrift store found gemstone. But the best part of my outfit is my long kimono, that I can’t remember where I bought or if I got it from someone… it says Zara, but must be 1000years old…-ish piece in my closet. It’s a must have! Kimono’s are the best.

My makeup was orangey a bit today just to have something different yet happy.

Liquid foundation and setting powder: Saint Cosmetics

Concealer: Sappho

Eyeshadow and pencil: Couleur Caramel

Mascara, lipstick and nails: Benecos

Lash glue: also Saint Cosmetic

Bronzer, cream blush and highlighter: Inika

My fake lashes: i can’t remember because i broke the package but vegan for sure

How do you try to cheer yourself up when it’s grey and snowy for weeks?

I’m coming with a new post next week!



Ps. Why thigh-boots are either too small or gigantic so I loose them while I walk? Like this…

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