Do your makeup, dress up well, go shopping and you can still be eco-friendly!

Why is that, if you love fashion/makeup

A)people think you’re stupid (eventho they secretly do freakin love gifting themselves too)

B)you can’t do it in an eco-conscious way

Well let me prove them wrong!


I ADORE creatively expressing myself through clothing and how I look, but than society came and labelled me I have to have self-confidence problems because of my tattoos and my edgy look. I surely did because I believed these people, not for too long tho! Than I found the true way living my Green Life, but than society came and told me, I can’t be, so say ‘fashionable’ (hate using this word) and look good and not trashy. So I looked shitty most of the time because I got labelled as a ‘tree huger hippy’. But than my self-worth-o-meter told me, to screw these labels too!

when i fall asleep in between pictures, no biggie

And now that I’ve been in both extremes in my life, spending way too much money and time brainlessly on how I look and risking my health for it and also not washing my hair, looking like…well… dressed up as a trashy grey mouse so people will know I care for the environment and I can fit in?!?!

Side note to self: i could never ever fit in anywhere and it is fine. If you neither, than high-five my friend!

Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome the fully balanced me! Doing all the things I love the most sustainable way as possible, which means; i will continue using only vegan, organic, eco cosmetics, but I love clothings too, so I’m going to be sharing my thrift shop founds and ethically made clothes in a new look I create from now on 1x a week. Also, I will try to share more on my DIYs and tricks on how to create less waste.

Obviously I’m not going to throw out those that I’ve bought in fast fashion stores before, because guys, honestly, I did bought stuff there too. But from now on I won’t because it is not what I believe in and we all know about the dark secrets of fashion industry, it’s just much easier to put our heads in the sand and I was no exception from it!

Honestly, I was always a bit distant with handmade brands, not because I don’t find it important, mostly because everytime I tried to find something that matches my style I just simply couldn’t!  Everything I have found so far had weird patterns and/or weird oldish style. Sorry. I am really open to find locally and ethically made clothes that matches my style, so if you know anyone please send me a private text or leave a comment!!!

My makeup for today’s look:

♡Foundation: Saint Cosmetics

♡Bronzer and eyeshadow (same), – cream blush and lipstick (same): Inika Organic

♡lipstick is 2 colors mixed. Nu Revolution – Coquette mixed with Benecos – Get Rusty

♡Liquid eyeliner: ZuzuLuxe

♡Eyebrows: Couleur Caramel

♡Mascara: FitGlow Beauty

♡Nails: Benecos 90% natural 8-free nail polish

If you guys have any question feel free to text me and also, please please please if you know awesome ethical brands send me their link!



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