T-shirt for a good cause

After a terribly long and nerve-racking flight home from Frankfurt (Air Canada is the worst… i miss Lufthansa so much!) I arrived to Montreal to a better weather than what we had in Europe.

I was really happy that we can finally take a picture or two. I wanted to create a content about a topic I’m really passionate about and that’s animal rights. I choose to support Paws Angels Montreal Rescue team, since they saved my cat Mojo and I am eternally thankful for their job. Also, if you are not with me for so long, last spring we had to visit the emergency with her 2 times and the girls at Paws Angels were really supportive and poured courage in me the whole time! And instead of locking the cats in a tiny cage and not giving a shit about them, they find foster homes for where they can adopt family environment and heal faster. Sounds much better, right? Every purchase of these t-shirts you can find on my pictures helps them save more lives!!!

So this is the look I created for this beautiful spring day to show you my tee from Paws Angels Montreal Rescue and that recycled/secondhand/sustainable clothing doesn’t make your outfit look any less good! The only thing that I actually bought brand new on these pictures is my pair of Vans slip-on, because I know they going to last at least 10 years. My old ones lasted 12! Everything else is from friends or thrift store. Yep, even my Calvin Klein underwear and my Marc Jacobs sunglasses!

For makeup, I obviously used only cruelty-free, natural, eco products! Foundation from Saint Cosmetics, mascara is FitGlow Beauty, lipstick 100%Pure, bronzer is from Inika and blush and eyebrows are Boho Green.


So here are a few pictures of our beloved little baby, Mojo! The star of our family.



I hope you enjoyed my first ootd and motd post. I loved creating this content!

Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions. Since it is my very first post in this sort of theme I would like to have feedbacks from you Angel!

I am really happy to share more with you about my Green Lifestyle!




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