How and Why to Exfoliate your skin and DIYs

I haven’t shared about skincare for a while, have I? But now, let me walk you through the best ways of exfoliating, why is it so super important to squeeze it in your self-care routine, how to do it and I also will be sharing with you some of my favorite easy-peasy, cheap, healthy DIYs.

What is exfoliating exactly? Simply removing the dead skin cells.

Why exfoliating is so important? After reading this you’ll be asking yourself why you weren’t doing it regularly before. So the benefits are; it helps reducing breakouts, makes your skin smooth and glowy, minises pores, stimulates circulatory system, allows other products, like your moisturizer to sink into your skin, helps with tanning and makes your wrinkles less viewable because you don’t ‘layer up’ with makeup. This is how I mean the last one: you have the new skin cells, the dead skin cells, a layer of foundation and setting powder and no sh*t you’re wrinkles going to show more. It is like adding an extra layer of makeup…like a cake. You see what I mean?

There are many ways of exfoliating from chemical peels to scrubs. (Mainstream scrubs usually contains microbeads, so tiny pieces of plastic. I don’t even have to tell you how harmful is it for the environment, right?And chemical peeling is done by a doctor in special situations.)

In this article I will be sharing the most environmental friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free ways to have in your ‘Me time’ routine. 

But, before we dive in, you have to make sure to moisturize your skin after exfoliating with great organic, natural, vegan products! It has to be all of the mentioned above because as I said, the product will be fully absorbed by your precious, hard working, wonderful skin.

So, numero uno, my after shower, morning best friend:


It is an Ayurvedic ritual usually followed by Abhyanga self-massage. All you need is a brush with natural or softer bristle. How I like to do it is just to use the brush all over my body (except my face) in circulatory movements. I can’t find a picture on the internet about the exact one I have, so here it is an alternative from Amazon that looks really similar:

body brush


There are less rough options designed to use on your face too. You can use it in the shower by only rinse it with warm water and doing the same thing as with the brush. This is a more gentle way, so I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin. This is the one I use for over a year now:



For shower use. Exclude your face when using it. I like using Urbanized Beauty‘s exfoliating bars, not just it is super effective and leaves my skin at it’s best glow but they are recycling coffee grounds and reduce landfill waste. Their package is straight recycled newspaper and it looks so cool!


Now, this is their new look and you can buy it from here too.

DIY – Make Your Own

Most of the ingredients, if not all, are already available in your pantry.

Himalayan salt+coconut oil and if you want to put your fancy pants on, you can use non-irritant essential oil, like Lavender

Sugar+coconut oil+essential oil of your choice

Finely ground oatmeal+honey or kefir. This one is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Finely ground oatmeal+raw cacao powder+lemon juice for your face. Let it sit and remove it with a warm cloth. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

Do not overdo it! I would suggest exfoliating your body once a week only, but it depends on your skin type and a bunch of factors too. For me, personally, dry body brushing many times a week works the best, using my Coffeffe soap 1x in every week-10 days, 100 Percent Pure face scrub also 1x a week and using my cloth Hemp Co cloth when I feel more sensitive and doesn’t feel like using my soap. Find a nice balance, as always. Know what feels right for you. If it makes you uncomfortable, itchy or leaves your skin red, probably you don’t need it as often. Take care of yourself and be mindful beautiful!

I would love to hear about your exfoliating routine! Do you have a favorite DIY you could share with is? Leave it in the comments below so as if you have any questions!




  1. Julia G

    Following this article, I actually bought a set of 3 Coffeffe exfoliant bars. Thanks for all the information. I mean, I never exfoliated but it’s about to change 🙂


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