Full Moon Ceremony – releasing and setting intentions beginners guide

‘New Year New Me’ starts with a powerful super moon and why not use this tremendous energy for our own good? Every minute is an opportunity to heal and become the best version of yourself, but when it comes to a Full Moon I like going into ceremony.

It may sounds weird or new for you at first, and your imagination goes somewhere like, dancing naked under the moonlight and chanting ancient songs, but ceremony really is a Self-Love practice. If it is dancing naked under moonlight for you, you do you! In this post I would like to share with you how I do my ceremony, how I release what no longer serves me and set my intentions the way I truly benefit from them.

photo: pinterest
photo: pinterest

Full Moon offers a great opportunity to release and manifest in new and better life. And doing a ceremony is nothing else than sitting down with yourself or with a circle of like-minded people to celebrate your willing of living a better life and showing up for yourself fully with an open heart. Everything can be a ceremony in life, so as every (un)fortunate event can be a teacher, it always depends how you interpret it.

Before ceremony:
Make sure you are comfortable, that you showed up leaving (self)judgement behind, you have a pen and some paper, a nice warm tea is always a good too, some prefer burning sage or palo santo to clean their space before, if it’s not available for you don’t worry a thing. First step first, you are here for yourself and you can tap your shoulder for this success, because it is really the first step on your Self Love Journey! Good job!

The Ceremony:
Take a few deep breaths and let go of the day. You are here, Now, doing something for yourself so spend every minute of it in calm, gratitude and love. You deserve it beautiful! If you would like to smudge, meditate, light a candle, you may, but shift your focus on yourself. How do you feel today? Awesome? Tired? No matter what is the answer just observe it, don’t judge it and let it pass! Are your feelings and emotions scares you? It is okay, let this sense of discomfort pass too and think about the success, that you are finally doing something for yourself to live the life you truly desire. Always be curious, not fearful. Are you contracting the muscles in your face? In your abdomen? Relax it! Are you breathing freely? Take a big exhale and than fully empty it out. Just breath, never stop that good habit 😉


Before setting your intentions I would like you to answer these questions:

-How could you describe this period of your life in 5 words?
-What successes did you achieve lately? (It is really important not to only think about material success! Success can be handling a situation with high scores that you wouldn’t been able to before or if you opened your heart to someone you haven’t before)
-What was your last Self Love act?
-When was the last time you were fully honest with yourself?

It is really important to only manifest things in life that fully lights you up and makes your heart sing.
Releasing and setting your intentions:
As I mentioned, you have to be honest with yourself, you can’t write down a duty to be manifested because it’s not going to make you a happier person. Let your heart answer all the questions even if you don’t see yet how you are going to apply it on your life. Everything comes in time. This is the time and space you can not judge your feelings. Gift this for yourself please. What I see people write down their intentions not in a motivating way, like a ‘to do list’… it is not a good attitude, put it on the side, be gentle and loving with yourself so you can connect with your heart space and be the best version of yourself.
Here are the guiding questions:
-Are you aware of old patterns you follow and doesn’t light you up? Some behavior or thinking pattern that may not even be yours?
-Can you change them? Can you let these go? Are you willing to release these painful patterns that doesn’t align with your truth anymore?
If yes, write down, I AM WILLING TO RELEASE… (for example, being too strict with myself and others). If you couldn’t find anything for now, it is okay too, note yourself that you are ready and welcoming with an open heart to receive an answer for these question anytime soon. Don’t rush yourself! It is not obligatory. It is about finding ease and peace within.
There are many symbolic ways to release, some burn their notes (safety first tho), some bury it in the ground, rip it apart, i personally keep them and just reread them one more time so I am fully aware of what needs to go and change. It may not be an easy process since it can tear up emotions and memories from real deep down but you have to know, you are loved no matter what!

And now we get to the part of writing down what you would like to call in for the next period of your life. Make sure they are motivating you, that you have butterflies in your tummy writing them down, that you fall in love with each and one of them. Don’t write ‘I quit smoking’, because if you don’t you are going feel it was a failure and you lied to yourself. Instead, write something like ‘From now on, I will love and nourish my body the best ways possible’. You see what I mean? Write ‘dos’ instead of ‘don’ts’. The keywords are always kind, gentle and loving.

-What would you like to achieve on the level of self-growth?
-How could you open your heart and love yourself more?
-What would make you happy/happier?
-How do you want things differently?

You can always add to this list or take from it. It is your self-love act! Own it! Make it suitable for yourself. This is just a guidance I use and may be beneficial for you as a starter to cultivate your own ceremony in life.

As closing the ceremony, I like closing my eyes and filling up with love and gratitude. Saying thank you for everything I am truly grateful for in Life. It is also a good idea to rest after to recharge yourself.

photo: pinterest

I hope you find this useful and I would love to hear about you!




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