The package I won

Bronze Cosmetics Review

I discovered Bronze Cosmetics a few months ago meanwhile I was looking for local natural brands. I clicked on their website and the headline said ‘Natural makeup for colored women’. I told myself ‘Yes, finally!’

Truth to be told, there’s not enough cosmetic brands specialized in colored beauties, especially organic ones, and I got so excited that I bought their foundation the next day for a shooting and I was amazed. The color match was perfect, nice coverage and it sat on my models face the whole day and I didn’t need to do any touch ups!
I bought a lipstick too later on the days for myself to test and meanwhile they had a giveaway on instagram with Kariliss (natural and local hair care brand) so I gave it a try. I won! I was screaming and jumping around in my living room. I won Kariliss package (review coming soon) and 50$ card from Bronze Cosmetics. Is it christmas already?

The package I won
the package I won

I spent it on a lipstick, another foundation and a corrective. (You can see my little Bronze Cosmetics kit on the picture below)

my kit

So, here are the looks I created with Bronze Cosmetics makeup so far and I have to tell you, I am more than satisfied with the results and the quality.

Bronze Cosmetics corrective, foundation and lipstick for a wedding
wedding shooting ~ I used Bronze Cosmetics corrective, foundation and lipstick
me testing my Bronze Cosmetics lipstick

Let me know if you have tried Bronze Cosmetics before and how you like it in the comments below:)



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