Testing Sugar Venom eyeshadows

Here is the truth; I bought them, because they were on sale!

I’ve never heard about this brand before or could find enough reviews to fully buy me in, so I didn’t wanted to invest. After placing my order something shifted. How on Earth I could forget the feeling of being unsure about something totally new? This is how all my clients must feel and I’m not there to help them. This knocked me out. I’m always about fully showing up and serving, but this time I realized I didn’t walk my talk. So from now on, I am here to provide you as many reviews as possible, so you will have fearless transitioning to green beauty ♡

Back on the review!

A little bit about Sugar Venom:

They are an Australian cosmetic brand, probably that’s why I never heard about them before on the other side of the world. All their products are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan. They are 100% eco-conscious, using only recyled papers and vegetable based inks. Their lip products are all organic and I can’t forget to mention they name their products after female historical figures! #womenpower

I bought three colours, they arrived, I tried them and I wish I would bought more!

3 out of 2 blew my mind! They all blend easily and last long.

Austen is finally a kind of baby pink colour that’s suitable for others too, not just for a Barbie makeup, it has the highest pigmentation of all 3 and I adore it! You can totally use it on your cheeks too.

Bardot‘s package scared me for a second because it looks greyish, but when I tried it, it actually has a green tone, what I wanted. Beautiful, nothing more to say.

Parks turned out differently than expected. It is not as pigmented, but works perfectly as a highlighter on cold skin tones. This was the last one I tested and I tought it’s gonna have the same strong colour as the Austen. But than I tried it with wet technique and it became a stronger pigmented, baby blue colour! On a star rating Parks would get a 7 out of 10.

Side note (or more like a good tip from friend): if you are not all about makeup, please give yourself time to practice with the loose mineral eyeshadows. They are indeed a bit harder to use and easy to mess up. So if your look doesn’t turn out as expected please don’t give up trying!


Worth to buy. I can’t wait to try their other products too, those organic lippies sounds amazing!



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