Is your tampon toxic?

Let’s chat about female hygiene because there is never enough education on this topic. The first time I actually read what tampons and sanitary pads are made of, made me feel like I’ve been fooled the whole time. It made me so anxious, I remember, I just wanted to cry.

I’m telling you all this so you don’t have to stand there, feeling like you are totally left alone and that your period is threatening your life.

Facts. Cotton is the most chemically intensive crop on Earth and guess what your tampon and pad is made of. Also, most products made of rayon and viscose which are highly absorbent fibers and may stick and stay on your vaginal wall even after removing your tampon, therefore increases the risk of vaginal infections or Toxic Shock Syndrome. Since vaginal wall is one of the most permeable part of our body, it is worse to use these genetically engineered (GE) pesticide soaked hygiene products than ingesting them. Also, if you read the label on your tampon box you can find a slightly scary (gives me shivers) expression, Toxic Shock Syndrome. I wouldn’t go down on that road to write more about it because, trust me, it is not happy.

On the other side of reality, we have alternatives and organic products (THANK YOU!) and I’m gonna write about them below.

Unbleached certified organic tampons and pads

In my opinion this is the best way to avoid toxins. These are made without harsh chemicals. Natracare provides tampons and pads made out of only 100% organic cotton, they are biodegradable and compostable and NEVER contains chlorine, rayon, plastics, perfumes or dyes. Their products are available almost in every health store in Montreal and as I’ve seen all over the world. This is the brand I’ve been using for quite a long time now and I highly recommend you giving them a try!/

They also sell maternity and incontinence products, so as intimate and baby wipes! I loooove their baby wipes!

Reusable organic cotton cloth pads

I purchased mines from Amazon. And eventho first it kinda felt weird I started to love it a lot. It is so comfortable, like you are wearing only your undies. You can easily forget about it. Washing them is really easy too. I give them a cold water rinse to get the menstrual blood out than I just wash them. Easy-peasy.

Diva cup

Cups are made out of silicone, contains no dyes. They are available in 20 countries for now, but you can always order online or check with your health store and ask them to order for you. It creates no waste since you just wash it with soap water and reuse it every cycle, easy to use (even if it seems a bit complicated for the first time) and it’s super comfortable. You don’t have to worry to change it every few hours since you can leave it in up to 12 hours without leaking. What a game changer! But unfortunately you still have a risk to Toxic Shock Syndrome, lower risk, but still better than using mainstream female hygiene products.

I would love to hear your experience! Please share it in the comments below, let’s break the silence around menstruation with educating and helping each other about it.



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