The New Beginning

If you would have missed I am back as an eco, organic, vegan makeup artist and also as a natural beauty advocate.

I disappeared for a year or so because a new door opened up and it blew my socks off! Have you ever wondered about that in 2017 animal testing still exist? What is inside the mascara that brings you to tears or at the end of the day it makes your eyes so itchy and red you can’t wait to wash it off? Or why does the makeup remover burn your eyes? I was. And about a million other things too. I found the answers and it changed me. After a longer period of disappointment I went cold turkey and threw out everything from the bathroom and kitchen cabinet and started to educate myself about how all the products I used is replaceable with not harmful ones or how can I make them at home even without plastic waste. It was really hard to admit that I was literally poisoning my customers, myself and my family before with using store bought cosmetics, cleaning products and let’s just not talk about the numbers of animals I hurt with using those products and the trash created during a makeup session… But now after all, I AM HERE to continue living my passion a sustainable way and guide YOU to find your way of toxic-free living.

In the future I am going to write on this blog to help you with explaining everything step-by-step to chose the right self-care and makeup products, things you can easily make at home, tutorials and a lot more!

I will keep you update!




    1. Panka

      The answer is no. Their products contains synthetic preservatives, fragrances so on and don’t forget they are part of the L’Oréal family. Altough it’s cruelty-free I would not recommend using them. Not even the brushes since I don’t want to support their work with my money.


  1. dorina

    szia panka!! ügyes vagy nagyon, elgondolkoztam pár dologról miután elolvastam a bejegyzeseid. elég csúnya a bőröm sajnos ezért használok alapozót minden nap. tudnal ajánlani olyat ami teljesen természetes? előre is köszönöm!


    1. Panka

      Szia Dorina! Koszonom szepen 🙂
      Irj legyszives egy reszletes emailt, hogy pontosan milyen problemak vannak a boroddel es miota, illetve van-e mas egeszsegugyi problemad (allergia, nogyogyaszati gondok stb). Nem vagyok borgyogyasz, de nagyon szivesen segitek amiben csak tudok!
      Panka xx


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